known commands (in 12.0.0)

The commands belong to various groups or sets:

    Bourne shell like
    insh general purpose
    scene graph
    Geant4 specific
    MEMPHYS_vis specific

The Bourne shell like commands are:

    alias, basename, cd, compgen, cp, date, dirname, echo, exit,
    export, help, history, mkdir, printenv, pwd, return,
    rm, set, suffix, time, type, unalias, unset, tput, ls, eval,
    unique, seq

and have a similar behaviour than under a bash prompt.

The insh general purpose commands are:

    print_args, suffix, calc, pdg, particle_print, sys_file_sep, sys_home_dir, sys_path_sep

The camera group:

    camera_pitch, camera_reset, camera_roll, camera_rotate, camera_set_da,
    camera_set_ds, camera_set_dx, camera_set_focal, camera_set_orientation,
    camera_set_ortho, camera_set_perspective, camera_set_position, camera_set_zfar,
    camera_set_znear, camera_start_anim, camera_stop_anim, camera_swap_kind,
    camera_translate_position, camera_view_all, camera_yaw, camera_zoom

The scene graph commands are:

    scene_add_xy_grid, scene_add_axes, scene_add_cone,
    scene_add_show_time_anim, scene_add_vertices,
    scene_remove_nodes, scene_start_anim, scene_blend_off, scene_blend_on
    scene_clear_dynamic, scene_clear_static, scene_clear_static_blend,
    scene_light_off, scene_light_on, scene_read_bsg, scene_set_clear_color,
    scene_write_dynamic_to_bsg, scene_write_static_to_bsg, scene_write_to_bsg,
    style_load_file, style_print_colormaps

The plotting related ones:

    plots_full_window, plots_hide, plots_set_current_plotter, plots_set_layout_factors,
    plots_set_regions, plots_show, plots_clear, plots_current_to_one, plots_set_grid

    plotter_clear, plotter_list_styles, plotter_print_customization, plotter_print_style,
    plotter_reset_style, plotter_set_field, plotter_set_style

The GUI and window commands are:

    gui_exec_main_menu_item, gui_hide_camera_menu, gui_hide_console,
    gui_hide_main_menu, gui_hide_meta_zone, gui_push_back_item, gui_push_list,
    gui_push_home, gui_scroll_text, gui_set_console_layout,
    gui_set_picking_mode, gui_set_to_exit, gui_set_viewing_mode,
    gui_show_camera_menu, gui_show_console, gui_show_main_menu, gui_text

    window_render, window_to_jpeg, window_to_png

The application specific ones:

    app_dir, app_doc_dir, app_res_dir, app_open, app_openers, app_color_value,

And, at last, the commands specific to MEMPHYS_vis are:

    app_version, app_vis_beam_and_target, app_vis_digis_collection, app_vis_hits_collection,


In any case, from the terminal prompt, the help command permits to have a short description of a command:

    $ help echo
    $ help app_version

See the "help text of commands" section for a raw dump of the commands help texts.