To run MEMPHYS_vis from an unfolded distribution file for Linux/X11, macOS/X11, Windows-10/win32, Windows-10/WSL/X11, just do :

  ( UNIX> if needed, define the X11 DISPLAY environment variable )
    UNIX> <install_path>/MEMPHYS_vis/<version>/bin/MEMPHYS_vis
    UNIX> <install_path>/MEMPHYS_vis/<version>/bin/MEMPHYS_vis -verbose   # to have Geant4 ouput.
    UNIX> <install_path>/MEMPHYS_vis/<version>/bin/MEMPHYS_vis -terminal  # to have the insh prompt on the terminal.

(UNIX here is for Linux, macOS/X11 or Windows-10/cygwin).

To run MEMPHYS_vis Cocoa from an unfolded distribution file, just do :

    Darwin> open <install_path>/MEMPHYS_vis/<version>/

or double click on the .app from the Finder.

For the Windows-10 version, just click on the .exe from a file chooser or type from a DOS prompt :

    DOS> <install_path>\MEMPHYS_vis\<version>\bin\MEMPHYS_vis.exe

A demo (of a 10.1.0) is available on YouTube (search "Guy Barrand" channel).