agora is an event display for the LHC/ATLAS experiment. It can display parts of the detector and then can give to someone novice in high energy physics (HEP) a glance at what a HEP detector looks like. From version 1.3, agora can read an ATLAS JiveXML event file and visualise the Jet entities.

Part of the geometry comes from an atlas.root file found on the CERN/ROOT web site (courtesy of the CERN/EP/SFT group) but also from FOG files created some time ago by L.Chevalier, C.Baudry, Marc Virchaux of CEA/Saclay (France). The su4small.dst file coming with the app and containing some events is a courtesy of the ATLAS LAL group. Special thanks here to L.Duflot for having prepared this very light event file. Else, the "way of doing" is the same than for the ioda application and the agora app is developed by using the inlib/exlib as explained in the ioda web pages.

The .jive (or JiveXML*.xml) files coming with the app, or through the LAL ftp area, come from the download area of the Hypatia web site (

There is a video demo on YouTube (search "agora barrand").