At startup a simple graphical interface (GUI in the following) appears. It is composed mainly of the detector, start run, stop run list of buttons.

The home button permits to return to the top list of buttons whilst the back button returns to the previous list. When visualizing something, the GUI disappears to let the place, full screen, to the "scene". A non visible "meta zone" exists at the bottom that permits, when touched (clicked on a desktop), to map again the GUI. Activating the detector button should lead to :

It visualizes, from a top projection, the Geant4 A01 example detector and a plotting area to visualize the histograms of this example. You have to touch/click the bottom of the window to return to the GUI. Activating "start run" leads to the sub menu :

Click "ok" to start shooting events, fill the histograms and update the plots.

When having a scene, the camera button permits to map a panel that let you move around the camera.

As the general behaviour of our apps is the same, look at the "App general behaviour" section of the softinex portal for more about the camera panel.