<name>.kumac : execute <name>.kumac at startup.
   -kumac=<name>.kumac : execute the <name>.kumac at startup.
   -command=<command> : execute the <file>.kumac at startup. For example :
      -command='message hello gopaw'
   -offscreen : run the interactive program in offscreen mode.
   -out=<name>.png : if offscreen, produce a <name>.png file of the final view.
   -version : print gopaw version and exit.
   -verbose : execute commands in verbose mode.
   -silent : do not print the welcome and exit text.
   -ww=<uint> -wh=<uint> : specify the window size in pixels.


   TWID : to set Hershey text line width.
   TTFM : to set freetype font modeline : 1 outline, 2 filled, 3 pixmap (default).
   BGCI : set plotter background color index.


   COLL/COLV : coloring by level (COLL) or by VALUE (COLV).
   PTIT/RTIT : if RTIT, the title box has a ROOT-like style.
   PSTA/RSTA : if RSTA, the infos box has a ROOT-like style.
   NBAC/BACK : if NBAC the infos region background is transparent.
   BGRD/NBGR : if BGRD, the plotter background is visible.

COMIS replacement

See the "[Python,C++,f77] instead of COMIS" sections.

New commands

    /SESSION/NOW : set session inlib::atime to "now".
    /SESSION/ELAPSED : print elapsed time since last NOW.
    /SESSION/MOVE : rename a local file.
    /SESSION/LLS : to list current directory. (Use LCD to know or change current directory).
    /SESSION/DELETE : to delete an object handled by the gopaw::session.
    /SESSION/PYTHON : if compiled with -DAPP_USE_PYTHON, execute Python .py file.

    /VIEWER/RENDER : force a redraw.
    /VIEWER/SYNCHRONIZE : force a graphics synchronization with the server (if any).
    /VIEWER/BACKGROUND_COLOR : set window background color.
    /VIEWER/PAGE/SET_LAYOUT : set layout of the page. Use from ioda (exlib::KUIP::opener).

    /GRAPHICS/PRIMITIVES/IMAGE_HDU : read an IMAGE_HDU in an opened fits file and visualize it.