Some sources and binaries are on github:

Note that what is found here are releases only, in particular the repositories are not our daily working repositories. For a given package/repository, the master branch corresponds to the last release and is then suitable to build and run.


Some applications are on docker hub under the gbarrand account:

See per app download or usage page for instructions on how to run them from docker.

IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT : as these apps, run from a docker container, display in an X11 server on macOS and Windows, there is a loss in graphics performance and reactivity versus running their native versions. As reactivity is at the core of having the best user experience with interactive applications, we definitely advise you to run anyway the native versions of these apps on these operating systems.

To be aware of the difference in performances between native versus docker/X11, someone can run for example the pmx application by loading the scene with a lot of detector pieces and an event, switch on the "graphics storage" by using the camera panel "gsto" button (which will load the scene in GPU in case of native and X11 GL display lists in case of docker/X11), then switch on a rotation anim (camera panel left or right arrow) and see what happen. (See the pmx download page for docker instructions).