Source and some binaries are on github :

WARNING, ATTENTION, ACHTUNG: our computers are now like Florida, there are Pythons everywhere. For example, on macOS, you may have a Python under /System and, if using Macports, another one somewhere under /opt/local and, if using various anaconda installations, other ones within them. When building/running inexlib_py you must be aware than multiple Python installations may be present on your machine and you must be cautious, at run time, to use the Python program corresponding to the Python toolkit used to compile and link the,, and the compiled example applications.

When building, the access to Python to build is in the shell script:


The upper is for using a Python2.x, which is the default in bush scripts. If using a Python3, it is in:


Then, if needed, customize these files according your chosen Python installation.

When running, you may have to customize accordingly the "run, spark_run" scripts of the distribution packing. You may have to customize these scripts under "Python setup" to be sure to activate the Python used to build the inexlib_py kit. You may have to look to have a correct "py_exe" variable and perhaps the correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH (DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on macOS) environment variable to attach the correct shared libs. run (and spark_run) sets the PYTHONPATH, but it should be ok without customization.