Source and some binaries are on github :

Cocoa (Mac desktop)

On a Mac, download and unzip the, then click on the inexlib_serv icon (or do : open, from a terminal).


We provide a inexlib_serv-release.apk that can be downloaded and installed straight on your Android device.

Running at home behind your box

You may want to run inexlib_serv on a computer or you phone, or a tablet, at home by using your box to access internet. And then send scene graphs from a remote app on a remote computer to it.

We had been able to do that in France with a Freebox from the Free provider, and a Livebox from the Orange provider. What you have to do is to choose a port (for example the default 50800), and associate it with the local DHCP IP of your device (something in 192.x.y.z). In general this can be done by using the web API of your box (type on your web browser area) and by using some "advanced configuration > NAT/PAT" page. When done (you have perhaps to restart your box), enter the local DHCP IP (the 192.x.y.z) in "inexlib_serv > sg_serv > initialize > this_ip" along with the choosen port and type Ok (see the Usage section). If you have a green "Started", then inexlib_serv is ready and can receive remote scene graphs.

What you have to do then is to find the IP address of your box (it is NOT some 192.x.y.z), you can find it "somewhere" by using the web API of your box. (For a Livebox it is under "assistance > informations systemes > internel > adresse IPv4 WAN" for example some 90.x.y.z). When you get it then you launch a remote app with this IP-box address and the chosen port, and then you can send scene graphs from your remote machine on your local device (for example your phone).

We did the experiment with a MacBookPro, a Linux/ubuntu, a Windows-10, a Galaxy Not 8, a Gogole/Nexus-10, an iPad, and it worked nicely !

WARNING : if your remote machine is on a the network of some institution, your chosen port may not be "opened" to access the outside world. If so, you have to contact the IT people of this instution so that they give you an opened one.