inlib_minuit is the collection of inlib examples related to the inlib/f2cmn minimisation class.

inlib/f2cmn is a modified version of the CERN-ROOT/TMinuit class in order to have a stand alone C++ version of the Minuit package. (CERN-ROOT/TMinuit being itself a FORTRAN to C translation of the FORTRAN CERNLIB/MINUIT package).

In inlib/examples/cpp, there are:

   f2cmn.cpp      # histogram fit example by using the FORTRAN like MINUIT API.
   fit.cpp        # a "gaussian+breit_wigner" fit by using a inlib::fit_func and
                  # the inlib::f2cmn::fit_1D<> template function.
   fit_poly.cpp   # a polynomial fit by using inlib::f2cmn::fit_1D().
   fit_multi.cpp  # a multiple (function/histo) fit with one chi2, by using
                  # the inlib::f2cmn::func_fitter::fit() API.

Someone sensitive to software engineering may appreciate the difference in number of lines of code to embarque between inlib/f2cmn (around 6 kloc) and CERN-ROOT (around... too much) in order to fit an histogram.

See the README on github for instructions on how to build, install and run.