Source and some binaries are on github :

YouTube demos

There are demos on YouTube. Search for "Guy Barrand channel".

Apple iOS AppStore

ioda is available on the iOS AppStore since the 5th January 2011. It is an historical date for us. ioda is available for iPod/iPhone/iPad with iOS-4.2. Note that it is probably the first HEP application that can be delivered so easily in this way (at least the first one that can read CERN/ROOT files !). Some kind of giant step for us.

The application had been developed first on an iPod touch and then Christmas iPads. (How Santa guessed ?)

Google Play

ioda is available on Google Play for devices with at least Android-2.0. The upper "giant step" remark applies here too. It had been heavily tested on various Android devices.

Cocoa (Mac desktop)

ioda is available on the Mac AppStore.

You can download and unzip also the ioda*cocoa*.zip from a git release. The is under ioda/version. From here, click on the ioda icon (or do : open, from a terminal). Remember that data files are searched within the directory :


For example put here a .root or .aida file from the download/data area. In ioda go under "files/.root or .aida" and select the file. Then choose one of the presented object to plot it. Remember also that there is a "meta area" at the bottom of the window that permits to return to menus.

Windows desktop

On a Windows desktop, download and unzip the kit :


You can launch the application from a DOS prompt with :

     DOS> <install path>\ioda\<version>\bin\ioda.exe

but also by clicking on the ioda.exe icon from the Windows file explorer. Remember that data files are searched within the directory :

     C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Documents\ioda


ioda exists under gbarrand/ioda on:

See the docker section for more.