FITS file, visualize an IMAGE_HDU

We are going to play with the x0bq0102t_d0h.fits file coming with a release under the resource directory.

Then start ioda and select the file with :

     Files -> <resource> -> .fits -> x0bq0102t_d0h.fits

Whence selected you should see the list of HDUs, here two :

     1 IMAGE_HDU
     2 ASCII_TBL

Choose the IMAGE_HDU. Then ioda proposes to see the keys or to visualize the image. Choose "keys". You should see :

When doing "back" and choosing "vis", ioda proposes you to choose the "slice". Here there is only one, active Ok. You should have:

which is not so great. You can change the "lut" (look up table) with:

   pick image > popup > edit field > down right arrow > auto_lut -> mean_rms

With the popup menu, you can change also the colormap with

   pick image > popup > edit field > down > colors > <choose a color map>


On the github release, there is the hst-img-2010x1890.fits file coming from the Hubble Space Telescope that you can play with in the same way that what is described upper. What you have to do is get it under your documents/ioda directory, and open with :

     Files -> ioda -> .fits -> hst-img-2010x1890.fits