To have a default layout of the detector :

     detector -> default

that leads to :

Then click/touch on the bottom meta zone to return to the GUI and then the home button to have back the main menu.

From a dst file

The application comes with a default data file (bdpi_ghost.dst) with two events. To view events you have first to open the data file with :

     home -> files -> dst -> bdpi_ghost.dst

When done, you can visualize an event with :

     home -> next event

The home menu item "vis events" leads to a panel to loop on events. If looping on events, you can stop with "stop events". You can have a simple rotating animation of the scene with :

     home -> y rotate scene

(Touch/click again on this button to stop the animation).

From a bsg file

From 1.3, an event from LHCb/Panoramix exported at the Inventor file format, converted to a bsg file (bsg = inlib binary scene graph format) can be read back in pmx as a bsg file by using the file menu item:

Another event from LHCb/Panoramix:

Some bsg event files (evt_*.bsg) are coming in the resource directory of any distribution.