pmx is a smartphone/tablet like event display for the LHC/LHCb experiment.

For the moment it is more a proof of concept (a "concept app") than an application ready to do physics. Anyway it can give to someone novice in high energy physics (HEP) a glance at what a HEP detector looks like.

The geometry comes from an lhcbfull.root file found on the CERN/ROOT web site (courtesy of the CERN/EP/SFT group). The bdpi_ghost. dst file coming with the app and containing two events is the default event file, created long time ago, for the LHCb Panoramix event display (courtesy of the LHCb software team).

You can have a demo on YouTube on the "Guy Barrand" channnel, and the general behaviour of the app is described in the "App general behaviour" section of the softinex portal.