Build and run

Once having the source code, build the wall_master and wall_screen programs with :

     UNIX> cd wall/wall/mgr
     UNIX> ./build

On a Linux or Mac this bash script builds the wall_master_X11 and wall_screen_X11 programs and creates under the bin_<config>/distrib directory a packaging ready for distribution and installation. On a Mac the wall_master_Cocoa program is also created.

Run locally

When having the distrib directory, you can already run locally with one wall_master and two wall_screen programs displaying each in one window with :

     UNIX> `pwd`/distrib/wall/<version>/bin/run

Note that the run scrip must be launched with an absolute path (and then the backquoted pwd here). The startup can also be done by activating the run script with the mouse from a desktop file chooser. On a Mac, you can enforce the usage of X11 windows (instead of Cocoa) for the wall_screen programs with :

     Darwin> `pwd`/distrib/wall/<version>/bin/run -X

(or by activating the run_X script with the mouse).

You should see a layout of three windows as :


The run script starts the wall_master_X11 master program and then spawns the various wall_screen programs. At startup the wall_screen programs enter in contact with the wall_master to start a "wall session". The wall_master window (top in the upper picture) shows in cyan a layout of the windows of the wall_screen programs. (The content of what is visualized in the wall_screen windows is not reflected in the wall_master window. It is assumed that the user watches the wall screens). When moving the mouse over the window of the wall_master window, a red cursor is moved accordingly in the wall_screen windows. See the usage section for the usage of the menu system. To stop all programs simply close the window of the wall_master program.

To install and run on your own wall of screens

To install on your own wall of screens, you have to (strongly) customize the scripts :


See for example the "lal" parts of these scripts and adapt them according to your machines and screens configuration. What is done for the LAL wall assumes that you can spawn ssh commands without having to type a password. It is advised to first arrange your ssh authorization on the various machines to be able to do that. If this is ok, you should be able to easily control everything from the master machine.

When the customization is done, rebuild the distrib bin kit and install on all machines with :

     UNIX> cd wall/wall/mgr
     UNIX> <edit install and run scripts>
     UNIX> ./zip_bin
     UNIX> ./install <config>

The run script assumes that on all machines the programs are installed under :


To run on your wall :

     <log on the master machine>

For example, at LAL with eight screens and with the wall_screen programs displaying "full screen", the wall looks like :


and the screen of the master machine looks like :


We have choosen to stay with bash scripting for the overall installation and startup to try to stay as simple as possible in the whole management of this system. This permits a lot of flexibilty. For example you may think to have an heterogeneous system done with a Mac as a master and Linuxes for screens machines, or the reverse.