One common scenario of a wall of screens is the diaporama one.

You can loop over a set of pictures (jpeg, png) from the diaporama menu item. But before activating this item you have to deposit some pictures under a directory placed under :

 for example :

on the machine where the wall_master program is started. (Under the data directory of the download area, you can find the diaporama_hep.zip and diaporama_space.zip files having a bunch of pictures that you can play with). When done, select the diaporama menu item. You are lead to the diaporama menu panel :


Chooset the my_pictures directory by clicking at the right button at right of the dir label and selecting your directory in the proposed list (all directories under Documents/wall/diaporama should appear). You may want to change the delay between slides (default is 15000 msecs = 15 seconds). Then click ok to start the diaporama.

By default pictures are mapped on the whole wall :


If setting :

     If same, one screen ?

to false, then the same picture is shown one per screen :


And if having :

     same on all screens

to false, then one picture per screen is shown by looping in the available picture list :