When displacing the mouse on the master window, a "red cross" is displaced accordingly on the wall screens "as if one screen".

When a click is done in the master window, it is also reported to the wall_screen programs. (We recall that each screen is driven by one "wall_screen" program which is in TCP/IP connection with the wall_master program).

At startup a menu system (similar to the one of the ioda application) is displayed on the bottom left area of the wall (and contained in the bottom left screen or window). On a "run local" session it looks like :


By moving the red cross you can position it on the Examples menu item and activate this item by doing a click in the master window. In the same way, select the ATLAS item and then the END.fog one. The menu should disappear and let the place to the "scene", full screen (full wall in fact!). On a "run local" session it looks like :


You can return to the menu system by clicking in the "meta zone" shown in a transparency blue. The meta zone is shown once, then you have to remember its position. (In general we give priority to the content of the scene and avoid extra items when being in "scene mode"). When being in "menu mode" you can return to the scene by clicking again in the meta zone. Note that if the scene is empty, you stay in menu mode. As everything is done with OpenGL the scene is hidden when being in menu mode. This permits to stay with a good responsiveness when navigating in menus even whence a "heavy" scene is visualized.

Whence being in menu mode, click on the bottom right camera button to map the camera panel. You should see something as :


By activating the left or right arrow you start a rotating animation. As the animation is done without any delay, you are at the "maximum full speed" of the system. This could give you a feeling of the responsivness of the overall system (and your own wall). By activating the same arrow you stop the animation. The up, down arrows permit to zoom in, out. As the behaviour of the camera panel is the same than for the ioda application, please go to the "Camera panel" section in the ioda pages (throught the softinex portal) for more explanation about it.

A good exercice is to change the background color when being in scene mode, for example to have it in black (Paint in black). From the menu panel, select the bottom left params button. A list appears :


By using the down arrow at right of the list go to the next page of the list. Select the "1 1 1" button at the right of the "background" item. It leads to a color chooser :


Select the black, and then ok at the bottom right of the color chooser. Select ok at the bottom of the list. Return to the scene with the meta zone. You should have :