Here can be found a list of various slides, papers and videos.


ESSnuSB 4th annual meeting at CERN. November 2021.

ESSnuSB/WP5 video meeting September 2021.

WebAssembly. Geant4 2021 22th September 2021.

g4tools. Geant4 v2021 collaboration meeting.

EsbRootView. vCHEP-2021 20th May 2021.

IJCLab dev video meeting 9th February 2021.

ESSnuSB/WP5 video meeting January 2021.

EsbRootView. Progresses since Zagreb 2019.

EsbRootView on Apple/Metal. ESSnuSB/WP5 video meeting September 2020.

Apple/Metal. Geant4 2020 collaboration meeting.

Apple/Metal IJCLab dev meeting September 2020 (French).

Apple/Metal IJCLab dev meeting September 2020 (English).

ESSnuSB/WP5 video meeting June 2020.

OpenGL pour SOPHYA

WebAssembly (pour notre physique?)

EsbRootView/2.1.0 Cone deployment and wasm.

EsbRootView/2.0.0 More physics.

ESSnuSB/WP5 video september 2019.

g4tools. Geant4 JLab 2019 collaboration meeting.

ESSnuSB/WP5 video june 2019.

ESSnuSB/WP5 video march 2019.

Plan de travail pour de la visu pour LSST. LSST-France, APC 2018.

Exploring Geant4 on Android and iOS. Geant4 Lund 2018 collaboration meeting.

g4tools. Geant4 Lund 2018 collaboration meeting.

g4tools. Geant4 Wollongong 2017 workshop.

MEMPHYS Uppsala. October 2017.

MEMPHYS=>Lund/iridium. July 2017.

The Frameworks of Wrath. April 2017.

A text for the paragraph "Mobile devices" for the visualization CWP (Common White Paper) for the HSF (Summer 2017), and after its revisited version by the "we, as a community".

HSF and visualization. My two cents.April 2017.

HDF5. LSST France 2017 (French).

Feedback on some iOS and Android usage in HEP and Astronomy. JoSy Oct/2/2016 (English).

Retours d'experiences iOS et Android en HEP et Astro. JoSy Oct/2/2016 (French).

g4tools. Geant4 Ferrara 2016 workshop.

De la visu (3D) pour l'astronomie. April 2016 (French).

g4tools. Geant4 Chicago 2015 workshop.

g4tools. Geant4 Okinawa 2014 workshop.

g4tools. Geant4 Chartres 2012 workshop.


gopaw. CHEP 2018 poster.

HDF5 in Geant4 analysis tools. CHEP 2018 poster.

namespace root{}. CHEP 2018 poster.

g4tools and Geant4 analysis. CHEP 2016 poster.

softinex. CHEP 2013 poster.

LAL wall poster at JDEV 2013

Published papers

EsbRootView. vCHEP-2021. DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/202125101002

gopaw. CHEP 2018.

HDF5 in g4tools. CHEP 2018.

g4tools 10.2 and 10.3. CHEP 2016.

softinex. CHEP 2013.

Panoramix. CHEP 2004.

Rio. CHEP 2004.

OpenPAW. CHEP 2004.

Preprint papers

Pure real solutions to the Dirac-Coulomb problem in Majorana representation. ResearchGate 2023.

Dirac freed from C. ResearchGate 2023.

Symmetric Lorentz-Minkowski, Antisymmetric Dirac-Majorana. arxiv gen-ph 2023

A vectorial form of the Schrodinger equation. arxiv gen-ph 2014

Is Nature OO ? arxiv gen-ph 2011

videos, App demos

ESSnuSB Design Study Project video using EsbRootView to display Cherenkov light in near and far detectors.

Simulation of an "event" in an ESSnu R&D Water Cherenkov detector setup.

Simulation of a 200MeV muon in water emitting Cherenkov photons.

Simulation of a 200 MeV electron in water emitting Cherenkov photons.

Some LSST DC2 simulated galaxies on LAL little wall of screens.

Some LSST DC2 simulated galaxies colored by redshift.

On my YouTube channel (search "Guy Barrand" channel), there are demos about the MEMPHYS_vis, ioda, pmx, agora, g4view, TouchSky (English), TouchSky (French) applications.


iOS et Android en HEP et Astro. JoSy Oct/2/2016 (French).